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Come join Alli and the others on their action words adventure. Playful, multi-colored pictures and an engaging story will entertain children as they learn to recognize the sound-letter relationship as beginning readers.



    "This book is awesome for parents and teachers. I know, because I am both! Kids love the colorful pictures of the animals and think it's fun to chant the initial sounds as you read about all the animals and their actions. If you continuously read this to your children/students they will have their sounds mastered in no time."


    "This is a great start for young readers! It will help solidify their abc's while helping them pick up additional reading skills with the short sentences included with each letter. The names of the alphabet characters are very unique, and the illustrations are bright and fun. My niece and nephew are both hooked."


    "The beauty of this book is in it's simplicity! Easy for parents and their children to read along together and improve on their alphabet skills! The book has a wonderful rhythm and flow that keeps you locked in, as well as the illustrations that catch your eye with every flip of the page. You can develop endless learning activities to accompany this book or even have a blast and act along with it! I highly recommend this book for any family! A keep-sake for sure!"

  • Sean Moor, Owner Gatsby Books

    "Delightful! Your children will love Animals in Action A-Z."

    Sean Moor, Owner Gatsby Books

  • Nikole Albin

    "I've been meaning to tell you how much the twins love your book!! Every time they see the worm they say 'dare e es'. It's almost a game between them to see who can find him first, LOL. So cute!"

    Nikole Albin

  • "Not Just Cute names Animals in Action A-Z one of the favorite alphabet books for children, alongside Dr. Seuss' ABC's and Alphabet City"


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