Thank you for your interest in my 1-on-1 intensive coaching. If you are beginning your journey in business, or are dealing with a life shift, you have come to the right place. As your coach, I am here to provide you with guidance for your personal or career development. One major benefit of one-on-one coaching is that the informal relationship we will develop will allow you to set a specific agenda tailored to what’s important to you, during each paid session.  As your support provider, my goal is to help you prepare for your future plans, so that you reach your full potential.

Prior to scheduling your coaching session, and to ensure that you have a meaningful experience, think about the following:

Learning Outcomes— create goals you want to achieve from our 60 minute session. Remember, sixty minutes go by quickly. The more prepared you are for the session, the better I am able to point you in the right direction.

Be Proactive— included in your coaching session is one (1) follow-up email and phone support. I recommend that you do not wait weeks before you follow-up with me, as that would be ineffective.

Connect— be ready to open up and share your truths with me. Now is not the time to hold back. Transparency and honesty are key if you want to make progress towards fulfilling your purpose.

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My hope is that our 1-on-1 intensive coaching session(s) will allow you to tap into something innate that lies within your soul and lives in your dreams. Our sessions will help bring to surface the unique person that you are, and allow you to discover your life purpose. Sometimes people just need a little extra push in the right direction, and I am the person who can help you start your journey towards reaching your goals.

Personal Development

  • 60-min session
  • One (1) follow up email included, plus phone support
  • Sessions are designed around your needs and concerns. Support touches on strength building, resolving tensions, identifying your life purpose and accountability.


  • 60- min session
  • One (1) follow-up email included, plus phone support
  • Sessions are designed around your needs and concerns. Support touches on leveraging your strengths, clarity, harnessing your passions and accountability.

Ideal for individuals who are looking to start a small business, or who need wisdom and guidance to make a major life decision.