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“You will only experience change after you embrace the challenge” - Dupé Aleru

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  • Iris Griselda Cano-Alvarez

    “Dupé you are such an exceptional young lady. Your joy is contagious, your works speak about your character, and I am blessed by your motivation and insights. Girl you are the essence of being on FLEEK! Thank you, and keep growing to inspire the world. Have a happy day, and let 2016 surprise you with more success beyond your wildest dreams.”

    Iris Griselda Cano-Alvarez

  • Sergio Durante

    “I just want to take a moment to tell you that you’ve impacted my life in a HUGE way. Thank you for just being you.”

    Sergio Durante

  • Selina Roundtree

    “Congratulations. I totally understand what you mean. I’m chasing my own purpose. Your scopes have encouraged me to do what I’ve dreamed of doing for years. Thank you for allowing God to use you to help others. Love you!”

    Selina Roundtree

  • HK

    “Hello. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your fantastic scope today. Thanks to the lovely Jazzmin James who previously shared an earlier scope, and here I am, an avid fan. Thank you for your positive, inspiring, and thought provoking scopes—they are appreciated. May the New Year bring you many more avid followers, and open the door to many more experiences and opportunities."


  • Nkechi Ajaeroh

    “I just watched the replay of the morning motivation message on ‘slippery slope’, and it was really powerful! I literally sat and took notes! Thanks Dupé for those awesome 10 steps!”

    Nkechi Ajaeroh

  • Carlena Carr

    “You’ve inspired me to move forward with my organization. Your tips and speeches are helping me grow, so thank you for the help.”

    Carlena Carr

  • Jeffery Willis

    “I love your motivational messages. Today’s message came to me at a time when I was feeling the exact same way, and it helped solidify my faith in the concept.”

    Jeffery Willis

  • Andrew Hill

    “I really take your scopes seriously, and I see changes already!”

    Andrew Hill

  • Weddings By Natasha

    “Dupé it was my first time on your scope today. You lifted my spirits. Everything you were saying I have been feeling and going through. God knew I needed to hear your scope. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you again!"

    Weddings By Natasha

  • Ashley Ann

    “Your scopes are always good, but that scope today…killing it! I was like, somebody get that girl a collection plate! Keep it cute and classy as always. You are the BOMB!”

    Ashley Ann

  • Sara. B. Boinkin

    “I was watching your scope this morning, and I believe your message. I am a mental health counselor and I spend a lot of time with children and families. I work with them on being able to recognize their worth.”

    Sara. B. Boinkin

  • Gavin Evans

    “Dupé you are the real deal! I pray for continued success and perseverance…wow Dupé…what you are birthing is bigger than you know!”

    Gavin Evans

  • Marchanne Chambers-Martin

    "Congratulations! I am an newbie to the Fleek Fam, and from the two weeks I have followed you on Periscope, I want you to know that you are an inspiration, and to keep doing you because you are paving the way for those of us (me) who have not taken that leap of faith because of fear, finances, or whatever else is holding us back. I wish you continued success.”

    Marchanne Chambers-Martin

  • Andre Johnson

    “You are destined for great things. This is what more of God’s people need to do. Step out in Him and God will direct our paths. This is me this year. Step out in Him, and He’s going to show me what to do. Signs of wonders and miracles will follow as I step out in Him. Congratulations woman of God. You are inspiring a lot of people!”

    Andre Johnson

  • Brandi James

    “Congratulations gorgeous! You’re so inspirational. I’m so glad I found you on Periscope. You inspire me to do better. Thank you.”

    Brandi James

  • Ryan A. Bell, Creative Consultant at VRScout and Founder of Summit Live

    “Dupé is the rare speaker who not only brings it on stage, but supports the event by engaging with the audience, and on social media. As an event coordinator it is a rare treat to have someone over-deliver…. Dupé Aleru brings more to the table than expected.”

    Ryan A. Bell, Creative Consultant at VRScout and Founder of Summit Live

  • Kimberly Johnson, Long Beach Unified School District

    “Dupe was amazing and the students really enjoyed her. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to meet her, and I look forward to working with her in the very near future.”

    Kimberly Johnson, Long Beach Unified School District

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